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Posted by on May 4, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

It’s rare to have someone that loves you for who you are.

Not someone that love what can you offer or give. Most people in the business struggle to find their true love because they don’t know what the real intention is. Before you commit to a girl, make sure that her plans for you are okay according to Clapham Escorts from Don’t be fooled by her good looks since t that will fade away and what matter is her attitude. The behavior she has will remain when you are both old and gray, that no matter how rich or poor you are, she maintains the love and never leave you. Relationships fail because sometimes we choose people that look good into our eyes, not someone who has a kind heart. If you doubt, learn How to know your girl only want your money


  1. When your girl loves to hang-out when you have your car

If you feel like she loves to ride a private vehicle and seems interested in you, maybe she loves the car more than you. Like if you asked her to go on a date and insisted to fetch her at somewhere, then it looks like she’s proud of the car according to Clapham Escorts. Instead of being proud of you, she is more interested in your vehicle. Try to ask her to date you with no car, and if she has many alibies, probably she is not a concern with you.


  1. When your girl loves to eat expensive restaurants

If your girl doesn’t like to eat cheaper foods then you know she can’t live with more affordable things. If she barely asks you to go out and treat her at expensive restaurants, then it’s not a good sign according to Clapham Escorts. Real women should wait and appreciate all kinds of the date you can offer not someone who chooses her own choice.


  1. When your girl asked you to buy her expensive stuff

Have you ever experienced that you want to give her presents but still complain because she doesn’t like it? If a woman loves you all the gifts you provide must be appreciated no matter how cheap or expensive it is. She must be grateful than complaining. Sometimes, if a woman asked you to buy stuff because she knows you love her, it means she uses your love to her to sustain her wants.


  1. When your girl asked you money

You know she is not into you when she asked money. A real girl never asked money for a man; she waits for a man to offer help. I believe this kind of girl is a liability in the future and do not deserve all your hard work. Find a girl that’s an asset.

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