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Posted by on Jan 11, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

London Escorts love the notion of sex and food in the bedroom.  

I do as well but my husband is not really into it. He says food is messy but I am trying to slowly change his mind but it isn’t easy. My previous boyfriends were really into food in the bedroom, but I suppose I can’t have it all. What foods do escorts London play with? Well, the girls and I decided to do a little mini survey the other day, and find out which foods most london escorts like to play with. Of course, most escorts in london do have their own ideas and some london escorts from are not that into food, but here are some ideas. Macaroni Cheese Macaroni cheese is rather fun, but it has to be cold. It is one of those foods that you can bring into the bedroom with you, and enjoy eating off someone’s belly. There are not a lot of things that fit into someone’s belly button but London escorts found that macaroni does. You can use a fork if you like, or you can eat your macaroni cheese straight off someone’s stomach using just your lips. I had a boyfriend who had a hairless stomach, and I always used to eat macaroni cheese off his tummy every so often. Strawberries london escorts say Strawberries are great, and you can put them in all sorts of exciting places. The belly button is one of them but I like putting them in between my boobs. This is one food my husband does not mind playing with, and every so often he lets me indulge my strawberry fetish. I am not so sure he gets turned on with strawberries but I do know that he likes my boobs, so I leave him to enjoy those. Personally, I enjoy him eating strawberries of my body, and I love the way his tongue tickles when he picks them up with his mouth. Whipped Cream Now this is a real classic. Some men even enjoy smearing whipped cream, or just double cream all over you, and licking it off. Some London escorts don’t really like the taste of cream but I do and I love being licked all over. Fortunately for me my husband quite likes cream so we do on occasion indulge in our own little cream fetish. We have an on-suite so it is easy for us to have a shower afterwards as you can end up rather sticky when playing this game. Chocolate Spread Chocolate spread is fun, and I like Nutella. If you add some butter to Nutella you can make it into a paste which is perfect for spreading onto someone. Hubby has a hairy chest so this is a no-no but sometimes I do spread a bit over his nipples, and lick of really slowly. Actually that seems to rather turn him on, and I think we might do that tonight. I have some Nutella tucked away back in the cupboard just for that purpose. Caviar If you have plenty of money, you can try caviar but it can work out pretty expensive. I understand that some of the budget supermarkets do specials on caviar so that could be worth checking out. Saying that, I actually quite like caviar… where is the nearest Aldi?

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